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Participate to the Relay - European Year of Volunteering

Through The European Year of Volunteering 2011 -EYV 2011-, the European Union seeks to acknowledge and give full recognition and visibility to the essential role of volunteers working in Europe and for Europe. Through their commitment, volunteers embody the European values of tolerance, solidarity and responsibility, promoting intercultural dialogue and fighting against inequality. Volunteers are at the heart of unique stories and intervention methods that demonstrate the value of human commitment to achieving unbelievable results.

These "extraordinary stories about ordinary people" are the ones we invite you to highlight all along 2011 as a volunteer filmmaker, reporter or journalist.

For it, we launch the EYV Relay call for participation as to select 27 Relay Reporters, one from each EU Member state.

Participation deadline is August 9, 2010, midnight.

We definitively hope to have you on board!

All informations can be found at:

This unique experience will include:
- the opportunity to spend 10 days shooting in another EU country with our professional HDV camera
- one whole year web-reporting from yout country with the pocket video camera that we will offer you.

All Relay Reporters and the films to be produced will be promoted Europe wide through the EYV media campaign.

You will also be able to distribute your film and reports -as well as the ones produced by the other Relay Reporters in case you want to produce a series- to the media you collaborate with and through your network of contacts.

Note that all costs are covered by our organisation.

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